Yaaas Queen: We Look Back at Queen Elizabeth II’s Best Style Moments

On April 21st, 1926, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born into the world, and the world of monochromatic suit dressing was never to be the same. Queen Elizabeth II is a fixture in the Commonwealth countries, appearing on our currency, the covers of our tabloids, and even in popular Range Rover-driving memes. She is regal, she is bossy, and now, entering her 91st year, she’s as chic as ever.   

To kick off this special day, we take a look back at some of the most memorable fashion moments from her royal tenure so far. From her sumptuous satin coronation gown to her ubiquitous love of skirt suits (which she usually accessorizes with her troupe of corgis, naturally), the Queen is an undisputed style icon. Check out our top picks for her best outfits throughout the years.